Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Google+ iPhone App keeps Crashing

It started about a week ago, with no apparent reason, since I haven't received an update for my Google+ Mobile App for a few weeks now. Yet the App keeps crashing as soon as it lands on the main page of it. I tried killing the process by double pushing the iPhone Home button, selecting and holding the Google+ icon until a red circular stop sign showed up at the top right corner of the icon, then pressed it to kill the process for the Google+ App. That didn't help.

The next thing I tried was to power down the iPhone, leave it off for a minute or two, then started it back up and tried to run the Google+ App again yet again with no luck! Confused and annoyed, I tried and pushed on the edit button on the home page (before the Application had a chance to crash) and to my surprise not only did the Google+ App crash again, but this time it's crash launched the Facebook App immediately after without me selecting or running it! Are these two Apps competing for the same resources, and is that what is causing the Google+ App to crash? Or is Facebook trying to sabotage the Google+ App?

It's anyone's guess really, but if you have any suggestions post your comment here before I lose my mind, uninstall both Apps and say goodbye to social media forever!

Pete Soheil
DigiOz Multimedia, Inc.

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DigiOz Multimedia said...

I was finally able to get rid of this error by completely uninstalling Google+ from my iPhone and removing all it's data, then reinstalling the latest version of it, in case anyone else experiences this problem. I was still not able to figure out the cause of this problem, but at least now the App works!