Thursday, August 9, 2012

MacBook Air - What's the big power cord for?

This is a question that is usually asked by people who are new to MacBook Air or Macintosh in general. When you buy a new MacBook Air it comes with two power cords, one that looks like this:

And there is also a bigger power cord that looks like this:

However when you look around the MacBook Air itself, you can't find a plug that fits the second power cord:

So what gives? Why did they include the big power cord you may ask yourself! It makes no sense! Here is what the big power cord is meant to be used for. On the first smaller power adapter, slide off the edge of the adapter itself like so:

You don't have to worry about breaking it, as long as you slide it horizontally and yes you do have to apply some force. With the corner piece completely off, you can now slide in the end of the second / bigger power cord like so:

That's it! Now what exactly does that get you, you may ask. Here is what you get:

A much longer power cord that is also a lot easier to plug into outlets where space is limited! So essentially you can think of it as an extension cord with a smaller foot print.

A lot of hard core Mac users may look at this post and think this should be common sense, but you will be surprised how many people at work and elsewhere at libraries and coffee shops have asked me this very question. From now on when they ask me this question I will be referring them to this blog post. Feel free to do the same if you are a Mac Pro.


Pete Soheil
DigiOz Multimedia, Inc


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Vonda N. McIntyre said...

Thank you! I was a little shy of pulling pieces (the duckhead) off the power cord. All fix! Much appreciated.

Lori C said...

I'm not new to apple and actually have several apple products just have never had a laptop. After opening the box and seeing the extra cord, I was baffled. So even after 4 years from your original posting, this article is still helping many. Thank you!

lightning x said...

How do you keep the massive charger from falling out of the wall?

Skyy said...

You've probably heard this a million times but thank you so much! I had been trying to figure this out and was only going to ask my kids as a last resort. lol You should think about writing a tech manual for new users, you would be great at making it very user friendly.

Anonymous said...

Just read through the whole chain, and could not find if you said the three-pronged long cord charges the battery any faster?

Jenny Hubbard said...

Thanks so much! Got a MacBook Pro for Christmas and we couldn't figure out what that second cord was for. Thanks to Google and you - it all makes sense now ;)

Jenny Hubbard said...

Thanks so much! This answered my Christmas Day question :)

The Simply Sweet Boutique said...

Thank you for this explanation! I just opened my first Mac 💻 Christmas gift, and I had no clue what to do with these cords😉
I googled it and here I am....thank u

Lucio said...

Thanks so much. I really needed this explanation!

Maryanne said...

Unlike Jill, who found you on the first try, I have been scouring Google (it's now 1:30 a.m.) for answers to the extra cord question and two other basic questions, which you answered in your responses to other grateful questioners. Having come across a number of other blogs in my hours-long search, I am so impressed with the clarity and gracious generosity of your responses. As a Senior, I assumed that my powered-down brain just couldn't get what was so obvious. It was consoling to read that your computer literate
writers also had questions about the big cord! Thank you, and thank all my fellow questioners for the respectful, intelligent level of discourse. I will now bookmark your site and spread the word far and wide.


Barbara Adams said...

Just got my MacBook Pro today. My husband is a long time Apple user, but not a MacBook. I figured the cords were used together, but he was skeptical. I finally found your post and felt intelligent for the first time since I opened the box. Thank you for both.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the article and yup I was clueless on this one !

Kim said...

Thank you for this nice clear explanation to my question as well.

Anonymous said...

Bless you and your patient and kind explanation - you even take time to respond to each of the people thanking you. What a star!
I am so glad I didn't have to go back to the store and ask what I thought was a really dumb question!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Had no idea what it was for.

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