Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Disable SharePoint 2010 Mobile Site

SharePoint 2010 has made a huge improvement over the 2007 version, but there are still times when you may want to disable the Mobile version of the site, for example if you wish to have your SharePoint Publishing Site be External Facing. There is no out of box feature for disabling SharePoint 2010 Mobile Site, however there is a quick fix for this. Follow these steps to disable SharePoint 2010 Mobile Site and redirect all traffic to the standard version:

  1. Locate the IIS Directory for the SharePoint Site in Question (for example inetpub/wwwroot/wss/VirtualDirectories/80).
  2. Open the folder "App_Browsers", and open the file "compat.browser" using notepad. 
  3. Find all instances of the "isMobileDevice" attribute, and change its value from "true" to "false". So find this:

Replace it with this:

That's all you need. No IISRESET is required.

Pete Soheil
DigiOz Multimedia


Mike Bosch said...

Wow...great information.

Is it also woking for Blackberry?

DigiOz Multimedia said...

Yes, it works on pretty much all Mobile Devices.

kunal said...

i have done the same but it still goes to mobile view when in browse i append mobile=1

DigiOz Multimedia said...

Make sure to replace all mobile nodes Kunal. Otherwise it will not work. There are multiple values to be replaced.