Friday, October 5, 2007

Eureka! Finally, a POS for .NET Compatible Credit Card Reader

After much searching on the web, calling some friends and asking them about it and banging my head against the wall a few times, I finally came across two Credit Card Reader devices that are both "POS for .NET" compatible: The Ingenico i3070 and i6550. Ironically enough the manufacturer does not advertise or even specify anywhere in the device specs that they are POS compatible (at least not as of the time of writing of this blog entry).

i3070 i6550

The datasheet for i3070 can be viewed HERE and for i6550 HERE . A point of interest to me was the fact that there is no way to tell the device model or even determine if it is connected and functional or not, until you try to "claim" the device (at which time the device returns a hardware signature which contains the model name and OPOS version). Of course the above conclusion was the result of some 20+ email communication back and forth with Ingenico and several phone calls.

Another issue which came up was due to the difference in display screen size, since the i3070 has a much smaller screen then the i6550. My goal was to support both model Credit Card Readers in the .NET Application I was writing, which I was able to do easily using POS for .NET. The font size for the display text however, is something I have not yet been able to change (and there doesn't seem to be an obvious setting to set it anywhere in POS for .NET library. More to come!

Pete Soheil
DigiOz Multimedia

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DigiOz Multimedia said...

Just want to let everyone know there is now a whole thread dedicated to Ingenico iSeries Devices, which can be found here:

Feel free to stop by to ask any questions you may have.

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